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Our school produces a fortnightly newsletter each Thursday.

We also have Skool Bag set up to access the newsletter as well.

To access our Skoolbag app:

  • Iphone users Go to App Store on your phone search for school name and install Richmond Hill Skoolbag App.
  • Android users search in Google Play Store search for your school name on your phone and install.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

21st June 2018.pdf21st June 2018 Newsletter21st June 201821/06/20183937 KB
7th June 2018.pdf7th June 2018 Newsletter7th June 20187/06/20183488 KB
24th May.pdf24th May Newsletter 201824th May24/05/20183096 KB
10th May.pdf10th May 2018 Newsletter10th May10/05/20184371 KB
26th April.pdf26th April 2018 Newsletter26th April26/04/20184016 KB
19th April.pdf19th April 2018 Newsletter19th April19/04/20181775 KB
29th March.pdf29th March 2018 Newsletter29th March29/03/20184386 KB
15th March Website.pdf15th March 2018 Newsletter15th March Website15/03/201825209 KB
1st March Newsletter.pdf1st March 2018 Newsletter1st March Newsletter5/03/20187176 KB
15th February 2018.pdfNewsletter 15th February 201815th February 201815/02/20184383 KB
Newsnote Feb 1st.pdfNewsnote 1st Feb 2018Newsnote Feb 1st1/02/201886 KB
25th January 2018.pdf25th January 2018 Newsletter25th January 201825/01/20182714 KB
7th December 2017.pdfFinal Newsletter for the 2017 School Year7th December 20177/12/20175334 KB
Newsletter 23rd November 2017.pdfNewsletter 23 November 2017Newsletter 23rd November 201727/11/20176849 KB
2017 Fete Wrap Up.pdf2017 Fete Wrap Up Success!2017 Fete Wrap Up17/11/20171188 KB
9th November 2017.pdfNewsletter 9th November 20179th November 20179/11/20173759 KB
Fete Flyer 3.pdfRichie Hill Fete is on it's WayFete Flyer 32/11/20173496 KB
26th October 2017.pdfNewsletter 26th October 201726th October 20171/11/20176066 KB
12th October 2017.pdfNewsletter 12th October 201712th October 201712/10/20174446 KB
14th September 2017.pdfNewsletter 14th September 201714th September 201714/09/20176025 KB
31st August 2017.pdfNewsletter 31st August 201731st August 20171/09/20173193 KB
RICHMOND HILL STATE SCHOOL Menu 11 August 2017pub.pdfTUCKSHOP MENU AUGUST 2017RICHMOND HILL STATE SCHOOL Menu 11 August 2017pub18/08/2017706 KB
17th August 2017.pdfNewsletter 17th August 201717th August 201717/08/20173128 KB
Final 3rd August 2107 2.pdfNewsletter 3rd August 2017Final 3rd August 2107 23/08/20175656 KB
20th July 2017.pdfNewsletter 20th July 201720th July 201720/07/20172115 KB
22nd June 2017.pdf 22 June 2017 Newsletter22nd June 201722/06/20174007 KB
8th June 2017.pdfNewsletter 8th June 20178th June 20178/06/20172242 KB
Inter house athletics menu.pdfMenu for Interhouse AthleticsInter house athletics menu8/06/2017232 KB
25th May 2017.pdfNewsletter 25th May 201725th May 201725/05/20172531 KB
11th May 2017.pdfNewsletter 11th May 201711th May 201711/05/20172811 KB
27th April 2017.pdfNewsletter 27th April 201727th April 201727/04/20172947 KB
30th March 2017.pdfNewsletter 30th March 201730th March 201730/03/20171787 KB
16th March 2017.pdfNewsletter 16th March 201716th March 201716/03/20172677 KB
2nd March 2017.pdfNewsletter 2nd March 20172nd March 20172/03/20172910 KB
16th February 2017.pdfNewsletter 16th February 201716th February 201716/02/20172165 KB
3rd February 2017.pdfNewsletter 3rd Feb 20173rd February 20173/02/20173010 KB
Newsnote January 27th 2017.pdf2017 Newsnote 1 27th JanuaryNewsnote January 27th 201727/01/20173346 KB
Year 6 Graduation Awards.pdfGRADUATION OF YEAR 6 2016Year 6 Graduation Awards8/12/20164601 KB
8th December 2016.pdfNewsletter 7th December 20168th December 20167/12/20161948 KB
Newsletter 10th November.pdfThursday 10th November 2016 NewsletterNewsletter 10th November10/11/20162233 KB
Thursday 27th October 2016.pdfNewsletter 27th October 2016Thursday 27th October 201627/10/20162132 KB
13th October 2016.pdfNewsletter 13th October 201613th October 201613/10/20162615 KB
15th September 2016.pdfNewsletter 15th September 201615th September 201615/09/20163322 KB
1st September 2016.pdfNewsletter 1st September 20161st September 20161/09/20163724 KB
18th August 2016lq.pdfNewsletter 18th August 201618th August 2016lq18/08/20163382 KB
4th August 2016.pdf.pdfNewsletter 4th August 20164th August 2016.pdf4/08/20163628 KB
21st July 2016.pdfNewsletter 21st July 201621st July 201621/07/20166721 KB
Newsnote 14th July.pdfTerm 3 Newsnote 14th July 2016Newsnote 14th July14/07/2016353 KB
16th June 2016.pdfNewsletter 16th June 201616th June 201616/06/20168674 KB
2nd June 2016.pdf2nd June 2016 Newsletter2nd June 20162/06/20163873 KB
19th May 2016.pdfNewsletter 19th May 201619th May 201619/05/20163140 KB
Under 8's 2016 Flyer.pdf2016 Under 8's Day at Richie HillUnder 8's 2016 Flyer19/05/20161565 KB
5th May.pdf6th May Newsletter 20165th May5/05/20163015 KB
21st April 2016.pdfNewsletter 21st April 201621st April 201621/04/20162414 KB
Richie Rockets and Rainbows Playgroup 2016.pdfRichie Rockets and Rainbows Playgroup Launch DayRichie Rockets and Rainbows Playgroup 201615/04/2016418 KB
17th March.pdfNewsletter 17th March 201617th March17/03/20162238 KB
3rd March 2016.pdfNewsletter 3rd March 20163rd March 20163/03/20162431 KB
18th February 2016.pdfNewsletter 18th Feb 201618th February 201619/02/20161989 KB
4th February 2016.pdf4th Feb 2016 Newsletter4th February 20165/02/20162057 KB
26th November 2015.pdfNewsletter 26th November 201526th November 201526/11/20152478 KB
12th November 2015.pdfNewsletter 12th November 201512th November 201512/11/20151750 KB
29th October 2015.pdfNewsletter 29th October 201529th October 201529/10/20152130 KB
15th October 2015.pdfNewsletter 15 October 201515th October 201515/10/20151807 KB
Fete Flyer 1 2015.pdf2015 Richie Hill Fete Flyer 1Fete Flyer 1 20155/10/20151944 KB
17th September 2015.pdfNewsletter 17th September 201517th September 201517/09/20151713 KB
3rd Sept 2015.pdfNewsletter 3rd September 20153rd Sept 20153/09/20154170 KB
20th August 2015.pdfNewsletter 20th August 201520th August 201520/08/20152557 KB
6th August 2015.pdfNewsletter 6th August 20156th August 20156/08/20152580 KB
23rd July, 2015.pdf23 July 2015 Newsletter23rd July, 201524/07/20152494 KB
25th June 2015.pdfNewsletter 25th June 201525th June 201525/06/20152385 KB
11th June 2015 Newsletter.pdfNewsletter June 11th 201511th June 2015 Newsletter11/06/20152012 KB
Newsletter 21st August 2014.pdf21st August 2014 NewsletterNewsletter 21st August 201421/08/20141135 KB
12th June 2014.pdf12th June Newsletter 201412th June 201412/06/20143929 KB